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In the United States the West is vast and majestic. In the middle of the West lies Utah, in the middle of Utah lies Millard county, in the middle of Millard County lies McCornick, and the middle of McCornick is the Triple C Farm. The Triple C Farm is a contiguous parcel of prime farm ground comprising nearly 5000 acres. The farm is modern and efficient, as is illustrated herein. Please accept our inviatation to explore the possibilities we offer.

The owners, Mark McDougal and David Condie, are both fourth generation farmers. They are well educated and have decades of exporting and feed processing experience. Both have worked, lived, and traveled abroad. Lifetimes of farming and feeding livestock, including dairy cattle, suit them well to produce top quality livestock feeds. They understand what and how to feed. More importantly to their customers, they understand how to produce the feeds they need for their livestock. The Triple C is truly owner operated. They cut, rake, and bale over 12,000 acres of forge feeds each year.

They are firm in their resolve to provide the highest quality products to their customers, at competitive prices. Their goals have been to establish long-term business relationships with customers, and that is what they have done. They will continue to grow as they move forward. Their reputation will serve them well, and they will serve their reputation well.


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